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Do It Yourself Storytimes: DIY Sharkey's Storytime

We understand you can't always make it to the library, so here are a couple ideas for having one at home! Check back for more information!

Storytime Themes

March comes in like a lion!

What sound does a lion make? Can you make a sound like a lion?

This week's Raise a Reader Skill is READING! It seems pretty simple, but when we share a book we love with our children, we help them learn to appreciate books and stories, ensuring that we raise kids who grow up to be adults who love to read!

Ms. Ruthie would love to share the following books with you this week!

A lion is a really really big cat. Male lions have a fluffy head of hair, called a mane. Female lions are called lionesses. Together, they live in groups called Prides.

Do you have any materials at home that you can make a lion or lioness with? Maybe you can use paper and crayons to draw a lion? Or can you sculpt one out of playdoh?

If March comes in like a lion (with a ROAR) it goes out like a lamb!

A lamb is a baby sheep and we know what sound a sheep makes. Baaaaa.

This week's Raise a Reader skill is WRITING. When we draw pictures, even if they just look like scribbles, we practice the manual dexterity we need to learn to write our letters later. This is also a great opportunity to have children retell stories you have read together by drawing the story for themselves!

Sheep are some of Ms. Ruthie's favorite animals and she's excited to share some wonderful sheep stories with you this week!


Those are some pretty silly sheep!

Did you know sheep's hair is called fleece? And we give them haircuts at least once a year and we can turn their hair into clothing to keep us warm?

They're so fluffy! Especially these ones!

Image result for black nose valais

What could you make a fluffy sheep out of at home? Do you have cotton balls to make a fleece with? Or maybe just some paper and crayons? Do your best to make a silly silly sheep! 

What's a pirates favorite letter? R but his first love is the C!

Everyone loves a good pirate story! So we have some for you this week!

This weeks Raise a Reader Skill is TALKING! We talk all the time to our kids, but why don't we try talking like pirates to our kids? We can use this to practice some repetative sounds like the R sound or even elongate our voooooooooweeeeeeeel sounds to practice those! The more we talk to our kids, the more words they learn!

Wow those were some great pirate stories don't you think?

Instead of an arts and craft project - I want you and your grownups to tell a pirate story together. Not sure how to tell a story? That's okay! Your grown up can tell part of the story and then you can tell part of the story. Maybe you can act it out!

Its easy! I'll even get you started.

"Once upon a time there was a pirate named---"

Now it's your turn!

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