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NSU Halmos College of Arts & Sciences Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation Submission Guide: Thesis

Instructions for NSU HCAS students submitting finished work from their capstone, thesis, or dissertation for graduation.

Thesis Templates

Thesis Links

Capstone/Thesis/Dissertation Submission Requirements and Guidelines

Capstone/Thesis/Dissertation Submission Requirements:

  1. SUBMISSION: Submit your final manuscript for review & approval online via the NSUWorks portal:  
    • Please note: All Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation signature pages are submitted electronically by committee members in the NSUWorks online ETD submission system, which will create a digital signature page for your work.
  2. Printed copies are no longer required!
    • If you would like to order personal printed copies for yourself, your committee, or others, you can do so through the binding options linked here

Formatting of Paper: ​

  • Create a title page that follows the format shown in the template available on this page. 
  • Include keywords - place them after your abstract on the same page (if possible). Keywords should be important terms not included in your title.


  • All margins = 1 inch


  • Times New Roman

  • 12 Point Font


  • 1.5 spaced, except for:

    • Abstract should be single spaced.

    • Figure & Table captions should be single spaced (The caption for a figure appears below the graphic; for a table, above).

    • References should be single spaced with a hard enter between each citation or a layout space between each one.

Citation and Writing Style

As part of your online submission process you will be required to upload your thesis into NSU’s Institutional Repository, NSUWorks.  Please review the copyright statements contained therein before submission.  While entering text into the appropriate fields, please take note that the email address you provide will be the only form of contact for your thesis in the event that someone needs to ask for your permission to use or view it.  Please use a permanent email address.  Embargoes will only be approved for works that are being published in a journal or if a grant stipulates an embargo.

You will need to create an account in NSUWorks if you do not have one is fast and free! 


Taken from the most recent HCNSO Course Catalog at:



NSU Oceanographic Center Guidelines to the Thesis Student 
  • Definition of the Thesis: 
A thesis is an original contribution to knowledge resulting from the systematic study of a significant problem or issue. The following is an outline of the various sections of a traditional, quantitative thesis. The format is presented only as a guide. For more in depth information, consult your major professor. 
  •  Thesis: The thesis should contain the following sections: 
• Title page
• Approval page (generated by NSUWorks)
• Abstract *
• Acknowledgments 
• Preface (optional) 
• Table of Contents - (detailed; this serves as the outline and section headers as well) 
• Body of Thesis 
       1. Introduction 
       2. Statement of Purpose or Objectives 
       3. Methods and Materials 
       4. Results 
       5. Discussion 
       6. Summary and Conclusions 
       7. References 
       8. Appendices (optional) 
  • *The thesis must include an abstract as well as keywords for literature searches. 

To avoid additional tuition, the final thesis must be submitted within 30 days of the last day of the term you defended in. Theses with major revisions after the oral defense will be required to register for an additional term.


Search for past NSU OC Theses by title, author, and year.

If you would like to request a digital copy of a document, please fill out the online form below, or email the Oceanographic Campus Library at