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Receive Alumni Access to Library Resources: NSU Alumni

This guide provides information about how NSU Alumni can obtain an NSU library card and access online library resources, like databases, after they have graduated.

Welcome Back!

Congratulations on your graduation from NSU and thank you for returning to use the resources and services provided by the NSU libraries! This guide will talk about how to obtain a new library card and how to get access to online library resources, like research databases, after you graduate.

Registered Alumni - Database Access Off-Site/Remote:

NSU offers their registered Alumni the benefit of free access to a selection of research databases offered by the Alvin Sherman Library. For a list of remotely accessible online research databases that are available to registered NSU Alumni please click the link below:


*Please note that due to vendor contract limitations, NSU Libraries are unable to give Alumni and current NSU Students the same level of access to electronic resources.

Distance Alumni - Register to Use Online Library Databases:

If you are a NSU Alumni living outside of Broward County, but would like to use NSU's online research databases, you can apply to receive this benefit after you graduate.

  1. Go to the Update Your Record Form on the NSU Alumni Association's website.
  2. Update your personal information.
  3. Check the box for "Have access to select research databases offered by the Alvin Sherman Library."
  4. Provide your NSU ID Number.
  5. Click the "Submit" button when finished.

Once submitted, your request will be sent to the NSU Alumni Association for confirmation of your NSU Alumnus status. The NSU Alumni Association will then notify the Alvin Sherman Library of your request and verification of Alumnus status.

*Please allow one month for your account to be activated and to be able to log-in to use library databases.

Once a month, the NSU Alumni Association office sends a file of validated Alumni requests to the Alvin Sherman Library. Requests are uploaded into the library system on the 15th of each month.

You will receive a notification when your account is accessible from the NSU Alumni Association to the email you provided in your record update. Online library research databases can then be accessed by logging into the appropriate box when prompted.

Document Delivery Services:


We are now providing document delivery services to registered NSU alumni located within and outside of Broward County. We will electronically deliver articles and book chapters available in the NSU Libraries to registered NSU alumni.

Document Delivery requests can be submitted through our ILLiad service.

Local Alumni - Get a New Library Card:

You can apply for a new Alvin Sherman Library card as a local Broward County patron if you live, work, or attend school in Broward County.

Apply In-Person: Visit the Alvin Sherman Library's Circulation Desk located on the first floor. Proof of Broward County affiliation is required. Click here for a list of acceptable forms of identification for Broward County patrons.

Apply Online: Visit the Library Card Application webpage. Look under the section titled Application for the Public and click on the link for the Registration Form. Fill in all required information and then visit the Circulation Desk with your identification to pick up your library card.

Local Alumni - Database Access for Broward County Patrons:

Access to online library research databases will vary depending on if you are on-site in the library or off-site using another computer.

Visiting Alumni:

Are you in town visiting the Alvin Sherman Library?

Visit the Alvin Sherman Library's Circulation Desk located on the first floor and present your NSU Alumni Association membership card to the Circulation Staff. Membership cards are automatically mailed out after graduation with your diploma.

If you do not have a membership card, please contact the NSU Alumni Association directly at (954) 262-2118 or email at

You may also visit the NSU Alumni Association's website at:

Alumni Email

Students will be able to retain their email address after graduation. To do so, alumni will need to make a formal request by contacting NSU's Strategic Support Services via email at or by calling 954-262-0777.
Important to Note:

  • All alumni email accounts must comply with NSU's password policy.
  • Users must log in to their email account at least once every six months. Accounts not used for one hundred and eighty (180) days will be disabled.
  • This account will only provide email services. OneDrive and Office360 applications are not included.

For more information, please visit NSU's Alumni Email webpage.


For Spanish-speaking alumni - Aprenda ingles