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NSU Oceanographic Campus Library: Statistics & Surveys

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Library Statistics: 




Library Statistics - Collection

2016 NSU Libraries' Student Survey

Survey Summary

For the 2016 Libraries-wide survey, of those who responded to the survey, a total of 1481 declared the Alvin Sherman Library (ASL) at Nova Southeastern University, the library, they use or visit the most frequently.

Download the full ASL Survey Report.

Oceanographic Campus Library Survey Results

Survey Summary

A total of 62 respondents completed the Oceanographic Campus Library version of the NSU Libraries' Student Survey of 2016.  The Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography (HCNSO) Ocean Campus program currently has approximately 250 enrolled students, which means that we had a 24.8% response rate from HCNSO Ocean Campus students to this survey. 

2015 Oceanographic Campus Library Student Survey on Instruction

In the fall of 2015, the Oceanographic Campus Library sent out a survey to the NSU Halmos College - Ocean Campus students on the topic of library instruction.  A total of 16 students participated.  While no consensus could be found in regards to best days/times to offer library instruction/training at the Ocean Campus, the ideas for specific topics to present were taken into account and used for instructional session planning following the survey.  The topics included: EndNote; using databases; productivity apps; binding help for thesis/dissertation; and using the library homepage. 

2014 NSU OC Student - Oceanographic Campus Library Survey

 2014 NSU OC Student Survey Results & Oceanographic Campus Library Response and Enhancements: