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NSU OC Exam Proctoring: Exam Proctoring at the HCNSO-Ocean Campus

Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring at the NSU OC

The Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Ocean Campus requires that at least one test be proctored during each online course. A proctor is an impartial person, usually in a position with some authority, who is not related to you. The role of the proctor is to monitor you as you write a test to ensure your identity and the integrity of the process.

    • All arrangements for proctoring must go through the HCNSO Ocean Campus Program Office, as that office will be responsible for arranging proctoring, and for distributing and collecting final exams to/from the proctors.  Please contact Tracy Villanueva at or at x28188. 

    • If you live close to the Oceanographic Center, you can arrange to come to the OC to have your test proctored.  You can make arrangements for proctoring by contacting Tracy Villanueva at or at x28188.

    • If you have audio-video capabilities with your computer, you can arrange with ProctorU to be proctored virtually at your computer. There is a cost associated with this service and you will need to do this 72 hours before the exam time.

    • To arrange a time for your exam, please see the Current Doodle Polls to Sign-Up for Exam Proctoring Availability @ the Forman Computer Lab on the Schedule your Exam tab