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Virtual STEM for Kids: Brain Science

This guide supports virtual STEM programs for children ages 6-12.

ACTIVITY: Create a neuron model.

Materials: 3-4 pipe cleaners, 6-14 pony beads, scissors, straw (optional), ruler (optional)

Brains & Learning

Make a Neuron Craft!

Learn how to make this neuron craft, from the New York Stem Cell Foundation. 


Step 1

Cut two of the pipe cleaners into quarters. You will have 8 pieces about 3" long. (For this project, you will use 6 of the small pieces.)

Step 2

Twist one 3" pipe cleaner piece onto a long pipe cleaner about an inch from the end.

Step 3

Thread 14 beads onto the long pipe cleaner.

Step 4

Take the other long pipe cleaner and shape it into a spiral.

Step 5

Twist 5 short pipe cleaner pieces onto the outer edge of the spiraled pipe cleaner.

Step 6

Twist the long pipe cleaner with the beads onto the spiraled pipe cleaner so the two are connected. Cut off the excess pipe cleaner as shown.


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