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Virtual STEM for Kids: Pixels

This guide supports virtual STEM programs for children ages 6-12.

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ACTIVITY: Use the information transfer technique to create a pixel art drawing.

Recommended materials: grid paper, pencil, crayons/colored pencils

What are pixels?

Pixels, or picture elements, are the smallest points of visual components on a digital image. They may be dots, lines, or other kinds of shapes. On a digital screen, the colors of pixels are made by combining a mix of blue, green, and red. The more pixels used to represent an image, the closer the result can resemble the original.

Pixel Art

The concept of "pixel art" can be understood in terms of how images are made using Perler beads and sticky note art. The drawing space is separated into small boxes, or grids. Each "box" in the drawing is represented by one color, or picture element. All together, the colored boxes give the appearance of an image.


Create a pixel art drawing. Submit your project below!


Digital Tools

Tutorials & Activities

Perler Bead Patterns

butterfly perler beads
dinosaur perler beads
duck perler beads
fish perler beads
frog perler beads
penguin perler beads
turtle perler beads

Community Project

Work with others to complete a virtual stickerboard! Each person can color in 250 squares per day. What will the final image reveal? How is this activity like pixel art?

How to color the board:

  1. Go to
  2. Select a color from the key located to the right of the image. (Each color is labeled with a unique letter.)
  3. Find the corresponding letter on the drawing board and click on each box containing the letter. The boxes will fill in with the color you select.

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